Graphic Design & Illustration

Ideya Passport Music Series - Summer/Fall 2012 Flyers NYC

JetTricks Album Artwork - Legere Recordings

Karthala 72 - Diable Du Feu - Album Artwork - Electric Cowbell Records

JetTricks feat. Shawn Lee - Stephanie 7" Single Label design - Legere Recordings

Video Stills from the JetTricks feat. Shawn Lee 'Stephanie' video - Artwork by me of course ; )

Artwork for New York's CSC Funk Band - Catcher's Mitt being released on a limited 7" single for Volcom (skate brand)

Design for New York's Ideya Latin Bistro Spring Summer Music Series 2012

Electric Cowbell Records - For Whom The Cowbell Tolls Compilation Album Front

Electric Cowbell Records For Whom The Cowbell Tolls Compilation CD Back

Ideya's Passprt Music Series - Postcard. Client: Ideya Latin Bistro Soho, NYC

Tape Op Magazine illustration. The Jan/Feb 2012 issue features my work on the cover and inside

Barbes and Electric Cowbell Take Manhattan. Client: Electric Cowbell Records

Ethiopian style stamp for The Debo Band

African style stamp for afro/psych band Karthala 72

JetTricks - For The Love Of Money - Digital download artwork. Client: Legere Recordings, Germany

CARIOCA brazilian nights at Tropicalia DC

Poster Design Shrine 2012

Cheick Hamala Diabate 2013

Congo Sanchez @ Tropicalia DC 2013

The Nexus feat. Dumi Right 2013

Electric Cowbell Records, Legere Recordings & more…

Here is a selection of graphic design and illustration I have worked on for Record labels, Bands and Artists. From 7" on body labels, to disco bags, stickers, cd artwork, posters and flyers etc

Graphic Design, Illustration